Tables of Units of Measurement: Length, Weight, Volume, Distance, Capacity

Tables of Units of Measurement: Length, Weight, Volume, Distance, Capacity

SI prefixes

yotta (Y)1024deci (d)10-1
zetta (Z)1021centi (c)10-2
exa (E)1018milli (m)10-3
peta (P)1015micro (μ)10-6
tera (T)1012nano (n)10-9
giga (G)109pico (p)10-12
mega (M)106femto (f)10-15
kilo (k)103atto (a)10-18
hecto (h)102zepto (z)10-21
deka (da)101yocto (y)10-24


Conversion table of length » Meter

Meter conversion table

MeterOther Units
1 Meter=1000 Millimeter (mm)
1 Meter=100 Centimeter (cm)
1 Meter=10 Decimeter (dm)
1 Meter=1 Meter (m)
10 Meter=1 Decameter (dam)
100 Meter=1 Hectometer (hm)
1000 Meter=1 Kilometer (km)


Conversion table of weight » Gram

Gram conversion table

GramOther Units
1 Gram=1000 Milligram (mg)
1 Gram=100 Centigram (cg)
1 Gram=10 Decigram (dg)
1 Gram=1 Gram (g)
10 Gram=1 Decagram (dag)
100 Gram=1 Hectogram (hg)
1000 Gram=1 Kilogram (kg)
100,000 Gram=1 Quintal (q)
1000,000 Gram=1 Megagram (Mg) = 1 metric ton(t)


Conversion table of Capacity » Liter

Liter conversion table

LiterOther Units
1 Liter=1000 Milliliter (mL)
1 Liter=100 Centiliter (cL)
1 Liter=10 Deciliter (dL)
1 Liter=1 Liter (L)
10 Liter=1 Decaliter (daL)
100 Liter=1 Hectoliter (hL)


Conversion table of Distance » Square Meter

Square Meter conversion table

Square MeterOther Units
1 Square Meter=1,000,000 Millimeter Square (mm2)
1 Square Meter=10,000 Centimeter Square (cm2)
1 Square Meter=100 Decimeter Square (dm2)
1 Square Meter=1 Square Meter (m2)= Centiare (ca)
100 Square Meter=1 Decameter Square (dam2)= 1 Are (a)
10,000 Square Meter=1 Hectometer Square (hm2)= 1 Hectare (ha)
1,000,000 Square Meter=1 Kilometer Square (km2)


Conversion table of Volume » Cubic Meter

Cubic  Meter conversion table

Cubic MeterOther Units
1 Cubic Meter=1,000,000,000 Cubic Millimeter (mm3)
1 Cubic Meter=1,000,000 Cubic Centimeter (cm3)
1 Cubic Meter=1,000 Decimeter Cupic (dm3)
1 Cubic Meter=1 Cubic Meter (m3)
1,000 Cubic Meter=1 Cubic  Decameter (dam3)
1,000,000 Cubic Meter=1 Cubic Hectometer (hm3)
1,000,000,000 Cubic Meter=1 Cubic Kilometer  (km3)



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