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Milligram and gram are two units to measure weight or mass. Milligram is a subunit that is derived from a gram.

Milli- prefix means one-thousandth which means that milligrams is1/1000 of a gram.


Alternatively, one gram is equal to 1000 milligrams. So, for example, If You have a ring that weighs 5 grams, its equal weight in milligrams is 5000 milligrams. The symbol of the gram is “g” while the milligram is shortened to “mg”.

You can use the converter above to convert between grams and milligrams. You can also scroll down to learn how to convert between the two units.

How does mg to g Converter work?

Gram is an international unit that is used in the SI system. One gram is equal to 1ooo milligrams.

1 Gram equals 1000 Milligrams

1 gram = 1000 milligrams

If you want to convert milligrams to grams, simply pide the value in milligrams by 1000.


Weight (gram) = weight (milligram) ÷ 1000


Example to convert from mg to g:

Convert 3000 milligrams to the gram.

Weight (grams) = 3000 milligrams / 1000 = 3 grams

Milligram to Gram Conversion Table

1 mg0.001 g
2 mg0.002 g
3 mg0.003 g
4 mg0.004 g
5 mg0.005 g
6 mg0.006 g
7 mg0.007 g
8 mg0.008 g
9 mg0.009 g
10 mg0.010 g
20 mg0.020 g
30 mg0.030 g
40 mg0.040 g
50 mg0.050 g
60 mg0.060 g
70 mg0.070 g
80 mg0.080 g
90 mg0.090 g
100 mg0.100 g
1000 mg1 g

Convert mg to g

How to convert mg to g ?Weight (gram) = weight (milligram) ÷ 1000
gr to mgWeight (gram) = weight (milligram) ÷ 1000
80mg to g80mg = 0.080g
1000 mg to g1000 mg = 1 g
0.010 mg to g0.0000010 (1.0e-5 grams)

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