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Nautical Miles to Kilometers Conversion

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What is the difference between a nautical mile and a mile?

Nautical Mile is a measurement unit. It measures the distance at sea. Its symbols are “nm” or “n mi”  and all of them are used. ( there is no one single internationally agreed symbol) . It is mainly used in navigation at sea or in the air. While the normal mile equals 1.609 km, the nautical mile equals 1.852km.


As mentioned above, nautical mile measures distance at sea. Knot measures speed at sea. One knot is equal to one nautical mile per hour (1n mi/h). So, for example, if a ship speed is 10 knots, it means that its speed is 10 nm/h. like the car speed as if you drive your car at a speed of 50 km, it means that your car speed is 50km/h.


How to Convert nautical miles to kilometers?

One nautical mile equals 1.852 kilometers.

1 nm = 1.852 km


So, if you want to convert nautical miles to kilometers, multiply the value in nautical miles by 1.852.

Example 1:

Convert 20 nm to km.

20 nm × 1.852 km = 37.02 km.


Example 2:

Convert 100 nm to km.

100 nm × 1.852 km = 185.2 km.


Example 3

How fast is a 30 nm/h boat in kilometers?

30 knots mean 30 nautical miles per hour (30 nm/h). the time is the same for nautical mile and kilometer which is the hour. So we convert 30 nautical miles to kilometers.

30 nm × 1.852 = 55.56 km.