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This calculator allows you to convert from kilo to mile.

Definition of Kilometer:

The kilometer is a measurement unit for the length that is used in the SI system and its symbol is “km”. Kilo- is a prefix that means one thousand. So, one kilometer means or equals one thousand meters. The kilometer is also used now to define the geographical places in most countries in the world. However, the US and the UK are important exceptions that still use the mile as the main unit.

Definition of Mile:

The mile is an English unit to measure the length and its symbol is “mi” or “m”. The feet and yard are different units that are derived from the mile. One mile equals 5280 feet or 1760 yards and There are different variations of mile such as nautical mile (equals 1.852 km). Chines mile (500 m) and Italian mile (nearly 1.852 km)


The difference between kilometer and mile:

Kilometer and mile are two different units to measure length or distance. The kilometer is an international measurement unit and each one is nearly 6/10 of a mile. the mile is used in Us customary and imperial systems of measurement. One mile is equal to 1.609344 km. One kilometer is equal to 0.62137 mi.


How to convert kilometers to miles?

1 kilometer equals 1/1.6093 mile

1 kilo = 1/1.6093 =  miles


Distance (d) in miles equals distance (d) in kilometers divided by 1.609344.


d (Miles) = d (Kilos) / 1.6093



Convert 20 kilos to the Miles.

miles = 20 kilos / 1.6093 = 12.427 Miles



Convert 100 km to miles:

d (mi) = 100 km / 1.609344

= 62.137 mi.


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