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The Centimeter:

The centimeter is used to measure length or distance and it is recognized all over the world outside the US. A centimeter is a derived unit from the meter as one meter comprises one hundred centimeters. There is also kilometer which is equal to 1000 centimeters or 100 meters.


The Foot:

The foot is another unit to measure length or distance. It is mainly used in imperial and Us customary systems. One foot is equal to 12 inches while three feet compose a yard.


The difference between feet and centimeter

The centimeter and foot are two different units to measure length or distance. The centimeter is an international unit in the SI system and is abbreviated to “cm”. The foot is an imperial and US customary unit and is abbreviated to “ft”. the foot is longer than centimeter as one foot is equal to 30.84 centimeters.


How does cm to ft Converter work?

As mentioned above, the foot is longer than a centimeter and one foot is equal to 30.84 cm.

1 centimeter equals 1 / 30.84 cm feet, (0.0328 ft)

Centimeter 0.0328 feet
The value in feet equals the value in centimeter divided by 30.84.


Length (feet) = Length (centimeter) / 30.84


Example to convert from m to ft:

Convert 20 centimeters to feet.

Length (feet) = 20 centimeters / 30.84= 0.6485


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