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Meter to Centimeter Conversion

If you want to convert meters to centimeters, you can use the converter above. You insert the value in meters and click on “convert”, then the equivalent value in centimeters will pop up. You can also continue reading to know how to convert meters to centimeters by yourself at ease.

The meter is an international measurement unit for length and its symbol is m(according to the International System of Units or SI).  Meter is divided into other units such as centimeters and its symbol is cm (according to the International System of Units or SI). So centimeter is a part of meter and one hundred centimeters compose one meter.


 How to Convert Meters to Centimeters?

One meter equals one hundred centimeters.

1 Meter = 100 centimeter

You can use the formula above to convert meters into centimeters simply.

So if you have a value in meters and you want to convert it to centimeters, multiply the number of meters by one hundred to get the value in centimeters.

Centimeter = meter × 100


Example 1:

Convert 2 m to centimeters:

centimeter = 2 meter × 100

= 200 cm.


Example 2:

Convert 10 m to centimeters:

 10 meter × 100 = 1000 cm.


Example 3:

Convert 37 m to centimeters:

37 m × 100 = 3700 cm.


Another example to convert from m to cm:

Convert 3 meters to centimeters.

centimeter = 3 meter × 100 = 300 centimeter

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