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Online percentage calculator

As we know, technology allows us to speed up different processes that we used to complete with manual and somewhat slow methods.

By using the internet, the amount of tools we get is quite wide, and all of them fit perfectly to our daily needs, like an online percentage calculator displayed above.

It will help you to calculate the common types of percentages like:

  • What is 12% of 200?
  • 20 is what percent of 200?
  • What is the percentage change from 20 to 100?
  • 12 is 21% of what?

To use it just please provide two numeric values in each calculator, then click on the "Calculate" button. It will show you the result and the explanation.

How to calculate the percentage

There are multiple optics from which percentages can be observed and treated. However, these calculators mainly work with three unique functions.

Firstly, there is the option of solving what the numerical quantity is based on a certain percentage of the total quantity. For example, how much is the 15% of 10,000? The calculator will say that it is 1500.

The Formula

(percent / 100) × number

After that, the other option is to calculate the percentage that a certain quantity means based on a total numerical quantity. That is, what percentage do 30 represent out of a total amount of 150? The calculator will answer that it is 20%.

The percentage formula

(part / total) × 100

Finally, the last percentage calculation determines the ratio of the percentage increase or decrease of a numerical quantity to a larger or smaller quantity. In other words, it calculates the difference expressed as a percentage. For example, what is the percentage increase between 800 and 2500?

The calculator will give a result of 212.5%. On the other hand, as for the percentage of decrease, this will be expressed in a negative result. What is the percentage of decrease from 60 to 33? The given result is -45%.

The percentage change formula

(second number - first number) / first number × 100

As mentioned above, there are also other percentage functions and calculations based on different contexts where this numerical relationship applies. Of course, this option is only offered by some calculators specialized in a specific context. This may even mean that such calculators incorporate other methods or forms of calculation to produce results based on existing data or numerical information.

“Online percentage calculator” is a very effective and accurate method of solving these mathematical concerns. There is a wide variety and all of them fit perfectly to any requirement of each user, no matter how simple or complicated it may seem.